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  • Analysis of optimal temperature, pressure and binder quantity for the production of biocarbon pellet to be used as a substitute for coke 

    Riva, Lorenzo; Nielsen, Henrik Kofoed; Skreiberg, Øyvind; Wang, Liang; Bartocci, Pietro; Barbanera, Marco; Bidini, Gianni; Fantozzi, Francesco (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    In order to contribute to the decarbonization of the economy, efficient alternatives to coal and coke should be found not only in the power sector but also in the industrial sectors (like steel, silicon and manganese ...
  • The development of a hydrocarbon high temperature heat pump for waste heat recovery 

    Bamigbetan, Opeyemi Olayinka; Eikevik, Trygve Magne; Nekså, Petter; Bantle, Michael; Schlemminger, Christian (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    Waste heat is an abundant resource that if recovered with a heat pump would increase energy efficiency in industrial processes. This will provide improvements in heat utilization and reduce the environmental impact of ...
  • Health Index, Risk and Remaining Lifetime Estimation of Power Transformers 

    Foros, Jørn; Istad, Maren Kristine (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020)
    A new method for systematically estimating health index, probability of breakdown and remaining life for power transformers is presented. The method combines three basic models; a physical winding degradation model, a ...
  • Virtual Friction Control for Power System Oscillation Damping with VSC-HVDC Links 

    Rodriguez-Cabero, Alberto; Roldan-Pérez, Javier; Prodanovic, Milan; Suul, Jon Are Wold; D'Arco, Salvatore (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    This paper presents a technique for damping of oscillations in ac grids by control of VSC-HVDC links. The effect of the proposed controller is equivalent to a mechanical friction between two asynchronous networks (modelled ...
  • Analysis of Future Loading Scenarios in a Norwegian LV Network 

    Degefa, Merkebu Zenebe; Sæle, Hanne; Andresen, Christian Andre (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    This paper identifies the effect of Electric vehicles (EVs) and solar panels/photovoltaic (PVs) on the distribution grid with and without the use of demand response. A method to generate realistic profiles of EVs and PVs ...
  • Contraction Analysis for a MMC Converter 

    Salazar-Caceres, Fabian; Bueno-Lopez, Maximiliano; Sanchez Acevedo, Santiago (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    One of the present barriers to the widespread use of Modular Multilevel Converters (MMC) is the complexity of its control. We use a suitable degree of simplifications of the MMC converters, under given conditions, to allow ...
  • Skadedata er avgjørende for å forebygge uværsskader 

    Labonnote, Nathalie; Gradeci, Klodian (Journal article, 2020)
    Skader etter ekstremnedbør koster samfunnet mer enn noen andre naturkatastrofer. Ved bruk av ny datateknologi og skadedata fra flere kilder, kan man forutse og dermed forebygge skader.
  • Kommunene har hovedansvaret for klimatilpasning av bygg og infrastruktur 

    Sandberg, Eli; Økland, Andreas; Grindvoll, Inger Lise Tyholt; Ebeltoft, Mia (Journal article, 2020)
    Klimatilpasning av bygg og infrastruktur i Norge er en komplisert sak, der koordinering mellom etatene er en av de største utfordringene.
  • Utilization of Size-Tunable Hollow Silica Nanospheres for Building Thermal Insulation Applications 

    Alex Mofid, Sohrab; Jelle, Bjørn Petter; Zhao, Xinpeng; Gao, Tao; Grandcolas, Mathieu; Cunningham, Bridget; Ng, Serina; Yang, Ronggui (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Hollow silica nanospheres (HSNS) have been the subject of intense studies as a possible building block that may successfully bring about nano insulation materials (NIM) with substantially reduced thermal conductivity. The ...
  • Feeble project mandate equal higher cost? 

    Bakke, Christian; Johansen, Agnar; Mohammad Mahmood, Kozhen; Grenland, Steffen (CENTERIS - International Conference on ENTERprise Information Systems / ProjMAN - International Conference on Project MANagement / HCist - International Conference on Health and Social Care Information Systems and Technologies, Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    This Study presents an analytical assessment of each of the Project Mandates and compares the results with the first estimates and final cost of governmental construction projects. The purpose of the study was to find out ...
  • DataBio Deliverable D4.4 – Service Documentation 

    Roussopoulos, Konstantinos; Hara, Stefanou; Simarro, Javier Hitado; Palomares, Miguel Angel Esbri; Södergård, Caj; Siltanen, Pekka; Kalaoja, Jarmo; Habyarimana, Ephrem; Kubo, Baldur; Senner, Ivo; Fournier, Fabiana; Berre, Arne- Jørgen; Tsalgatidou, Aphrodite; Coene, Yves; Auran, Per Gunnar; Kepka, Michal; Charvat, Karel; Charvát jr, Karel; Rogotis, Savvas; Krommydas, Stamatis (H2020 732064;D4.4, Research report, 2019-12)
    The public deliverable D4.4 describes the software components and processes (here called pipelines as the processes mostly consist of Big Data volumes streaming through successive processing steps) to be utilized by the ...
  • Design and verification of a sway-yaw control system for Surface Effect Ships using vent valves 

    Teigland, Håkon; Hassani, Vahid; Auestad, Øyvind Fidje (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    For an offshore worker in the oil and gas industry, the helicopter transport is the activity associated with the highest risk. An alternative to helicopter crew transfers is to use Surface Effect Ships (SES) to transport ...
  • Comparing generic and vectorial nonlinear manoeuvring models and parameter estimation using optimal truncated least square support vector machine 

    Xu, Haitong; Hassani, Vahid; Soares, C. Guedes (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020-04)
    An optimal truncated least square support vector machine (LS-SVM) is proposed for the parameter estimation of nonlinear manoeuvring models based on captive manoeuvring tests. Two classical nonlinear manoeuvring models, ...
  • Truncated least square support vector machine for parameter estimation of a nonlinear manoeuvring model based on PMM tests 

    Xu, Haitong; Hassani, Vahid; Guedes-Soares, C. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2020-04)
    A new version of least square support vector machine (LS-SVM), the truncated LS-SVM, is proposed to estimate the nondimensionalized hydrodynamic coefficients. Truncated LS-SVM is shown to be an efficient and robust method ...
  • CAGEREPORTER - Development of technology for autonomous, bio-interactive and high-quality data acquisition from aquaculture net cages 

    Kelasidi, Eleni; Su, Biao; Thorbjørnsen, Eirik Storås; Moen, Endre; Schellewald, Christian; Yip, Mau Hing; Remmen, Bjørnar Moe; Mulelid, Mats (Research report, 2020-03)
    The CageReporter project adapts the use of autonomous and tetherless underwater vehicles as a carrier of sensor systems for data acquisition, where the data are transferred from sea-based fish cages to a centralized land ...
  • Convergence properties of detonation simulations 

    Qian, Chengeng; Wang, Cheng; Liu, JianNan; Brandenburg, Axel; Haugen, Nils Erland L; Liberman, Mikhael A (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
  • QSAR methodology for calculating impact on organisms exposed to dissolved oil in the water column - ERA Acute for water column exposed organisms 

    Brönner, Ute; Nordtug, Trond (SINTEF Ocean rapporter;OC2020 A-030, Research report, 2020-03-06)
    ERA Acute uses results from an oil spill model to calculate impact from exposure to the spilled oil in the four compartments: sea surface, shoreline, water column and sea floor. The oil spill model is run in stochastic ...
  • Underwater Communication and Position Reference System 

    Su, Biao; Kelasidi, Eleni; Thorbjørnsen, Eirik Storås (SINTEF Ocean rapporter;OC2020 A-034, Research report, 2020-03-16)
    This report presents results obtained in the CageReporter project regarding the development of a low cost hydroacoustic subsea communication system adapted for use in fish cages. The report mainly addresses tasks regarding ...
  • Design of a CO2 heat pump drier with dynamic modelling tools 

    Jokiel, Michael; Bantle, Michael; Kopp, Christian Andre; Claussen, Ingrid Camilla; Tolstorebrov, Ignat (Actes du ... Congres international du froid;ICR2019, Peer reviewed, 2019)

    Wang, Liang; Hu, Kathryn; Higashi, Charissa; Skreiberg, Øyvind; Myrvågnes, Viktor; Grønli, Morten; Antal, Michael Jerry; Várhegyi, Gábor (Journal article, 2015)

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