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  • Compatibility of liquid and solid insulation materials for high voltage subsea connectors 

    Lesaint, Cedric Michel; Hølto, Jorunn; Sæternes, Hans Helmer; Ese, Marit-Helen Glomm (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    The main objective of this study is to identify reliable insulation materials and systems for novel AC and DC subsea power connectors for oil and gas exploitation. A combined solid-liquid insulation system might be radically ...
  • Equation of state and force fields for Feynman–Hibbs-corrected Mie fluids. I.Application to pure helium, neon, hydrogen, and deuterium 

    Aasen, Ailo; Hammer, Morten; Ervik, Åsmund; Müller, Erich A.; Wilhelmsen, Øivind (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    We present a perturbation theory that combines the use of a third-order Barker–Henderson expansion of the Helmholtz energy with Miepotentials that include first- (Mie-FH1) and second-order (Mie-FH2) Feynman–Hibbs quantum ...
  • Open access simulation toolbox for the grid connection of offshore wind farms using multi-terminal HVDC networks 

    Ugalde-Loo, Carlos Ernesto; Adeuyi, Oluwole Daniel; Wang, Sheng; Liang, Jun; Jenkins, Nick E.; Ceballos, Salvador J.; Santos, Mario G.; Vidaurrazaga, I.; D'Arco, Salvatore; Bergna Diaz, Gilbert; Barenys, Marta; Parker, Max Alexander; Finney, Stephen Jon; Gatti, Antonio; Pitto, Andrea; Rapizza, Marco; Cirio, Diego; Lund, Per E.; Castro, A.; Azpiri, I. (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2017)
    Decarbonisation of the European electricity system can become dauntingly costly due to transmission and distribution network issues arising from the integration of intermittent renewable generation sources. It is expected ...
  • Profiting from CCS innovations: A study to measure potential value creation from CCS research and development 

    Størset, Sigmund Østtveit; Tangen, Grethe; Berstad, David Olsson; Eliasson, Peder; Hoff, Karl Anders; Langørgen, Øyvind; Munkejord, Svend Tollak; Roussanaly, Simon; Torsæter, Malin (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    Globally, large private and public funds are invested into CO2 capture and storage (CCS) research to provide the knowledge and technology required to mitigate CO2 emissions below a sustainable level. A pertinent question ...
  • Comprehensive Char Particle Gasification Model Adequate for Entrained-Flow and Fluidized-Bed Gasifiers 

    Tilghman, Matthew B.; Haugen, Nils Erland L; Mitchell, Reginald E. (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
    A robust, single-particle gasification model is presented that is capable of predicting char particle behavior in environments established in typical fluidized bed and entrained flow gasifiers. It employs a heterogeneous ...
  • The EU-FP7 Project SUCCESS – Scale-up of Oxygen Carrier for Chemical Looping Combustion using Environmentally Sustainable Materials 

    Penthor, Stefan; Mattisson, Tobias; Adánez, Juan; Bertolin, Stéphane; Masi, Enrica; Larring, Yngve; Langørgen, Øyvind; Ströhle, Jochen; Snijkers, Frans; Geerts, Lieve; Albertsen, Knuth; Williams, Gareth; Bertsch, Otmar; Authier, Olivier; Dávila, Ytalo; Yazdanpanah, Mahdi; Pröll, Tobias; Lyngfelt, Anders; Hofbauer, Hermann (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
    The paper gives a high level overview of the work performed in the EU-FP7 funded project SUCCESS (Scale-up of oxygen carrier for chemical looping combustion using environmentally sustainable materials). The project is the ...
  • Negative CO2 Emissions with Chemical-Looping Combustion of Biomass – A Nordic Energy Research Flagship Project 

    Rydén, Magnus; Lyngfelt, Anders; Langørgen, Øyvind; Larring, Yngve; Teir, Sebastian; Havåg, Hallstein; Karmhagen, Per (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
    The Nordic countries constitute a natural location for the development and deployment of Bio-Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS). Finland, Sweden and Denmark are world-leading with respect to heat and power ...
  • Linking Global and Regional Energy Strategies (LinkS) 

    Bakken, Bjørn Harald; Dalen, Kari; Graabak, Ingeborg; Knudsen, Jørgen Kjetil; Ruud, Audun; Warland, Leif; Wolfgang, Ove; Doorman, Gerard L.; Skar, Christian; Tomasgard, Asgeir; Valdes, Gerardo Alfredo Perez (SINTEF Energi. Rapport;, Research report, 2014)
    The LinkS project was designed to analyse how global long-term strategies can be used as guidelines for the development of energy supply and technology deployment in regional energy systems. In order to produce recommendations ...
  • Efficiency evaluation of gas fuelled and electric driven buses in the public transport sector 

    Aigner, Tobias (SINTEF Energi. Rapport;, Research report, 2013)
    The following report evaluates the efficiency of gas fuelled and electric driven buses in the public transport sector on a theoretical basis. The results indicate that the combination of CHP power plants and electric driven ...
  • Control Challenges and Possibilities for Offshore Wind Farms 

    Anaya-Lara, Olimpo; Tande, John Olav Giæver; Uhlen, Kjetil; Adaramola, Muyiwa S. (SINTEF Energi. Rapport;, Research report, 2013)
    Electricity generation from large offshore wind farms is being gradually accepted as a feasible solution to meet the rapid increase in energy demands. However, although the technology is progressing fast, a major drawback ...
  • A carbon neutral power system in the Nordic region in 2050 D3.1 in the NORSTRAT project 

    Graabak, Ingeborg; Warland, Leif (SINTEF Energi. Rapport;, Research report, 2014)
  • Stochastic optimization model with individual water values and power flow constaints 

    Helseth, Arild; Mo, Birger; Gjerden, Knut Skogstrand; Wolfgang, Ove (SINTEF Energi. Rapport;, Research report, 2014)
  • Linking global and regional energy Strategies (LinkS) Executive Summary 

    Bakken, Bjørn Harald; Dalen, Kari; Graabak, Ingeborg (SINTEF Energi. Rapport;, Research report, 2014)
  • Experiences With cable faults located at metallic screen connections 

    Halvorson, Hans Lavoll; Hvidsten, Sverre; Kulbotten, Harald; Lervik, Jens Kristian (CIRED Conference Proceedings;2017, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2017)
    Overheating of metallic ground screen connections at accessories of single core cables are the root cause of severe insulation failures in the distribution network. The overheating is due to a high transition resistance ...
  • Full-scale case study of a road crossing thermal bottleneck in buried MV cable installation 

    Eberg, Espen; Espeland, Kåre; Hellesø, Svein Magne; Hvidsten, Sverre (CIRED Conference Proceedings;2017, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2017)
    Infrastructures such as road crossings, are often limiting the ampacity of a cable link due to poor thermal properties. In order to fully utilize the true loading capacity of the cable, thermal modelling with correct input ...
  • Flexible network operation 

    Istad, Maren Kristine; Kirkeby, Henrik; Nordbø, Per Erik; Eliassen, Odin Hammer; Hjelme, Remy A.; Hatlen, Ole Johan (CIRED Conference Proceedings;2017, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2017)
    This paper presents preliminary results from the research project "Flexibility in the future smart distribution network" (FlexNett). The project aims at contributing to increased flexibility in the distribution network ...
  • A mobile application for on-site risk based decision support 

    Solum, Geir; Langdal, Bjørn Inge; Nordgård, Dag Eirik (CIRED Conference Proceedings;2017, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2017)
    Maintenance and renewal decisions are essential parts of distribution system asset management as means to control cost, performance and risk. This paper reports on the development of a mobile application used for in-the-field ...
  • Study of Thermal Variations in Wells During Carbon Dioxide Injection 

    Lund, Halvor; Torsæter, Malin; Munkejord, Svend Tollak (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
    Carbon dioxide (CO2) can be injected into the subsurface for the purpose of enhanced oil recovery (EOR), possibly with geological CO2 storage. This procedure brings about a set of unique challenges with respect to well ...
  • Skeletal mechanisms for prediction of NOx emission in solid fuel combustion 

    Li, Tian; Skreiberg, Øyvind; Løvås, Terese; Glarborg, Peter (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    Emission of nitrogen oxides (NOx) is a major challenge for combustion of solid fuels. Strategies for emission control can be developed from computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation. This, furthermore, requires a ...
  • Challenges and Strategies for a Real-Time Implementation of a Rainflow-Counting Algorithm for Fatigue Assessment of Power Modules 

    Antonopoulos, Antonios; D'Arco, Salvatore; Hernes, Magnar; Peftitsis, Dimosthenis (IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition. Conference Proceedings;2019, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    The aim of this work is to obtain a reliable estimation of the remaining lifetime of power-electronic modules. Lifetime models provide information on the fatigue durability of power modules under repetitive loading ...

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