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SINTEF [8810]
  • Case study objects in PCCH-Arctic. Selection criteria, list of the structures, and desktop data collection 

    Sinitsyn, Anatoly; Arlov, Thor Bjørn; Westermann, Sebastian; Landgren, Oskar (SINTEF;2022:00478, Research report, 2022)
    This report presents selection criteria and extended list of structures for the case studies at the PCCH-Arctic project. Several structures from this list will be chosen for the case studies. Selection is based on suggestions ...
  • Dimensjonering av gang- og sykkelvegløsninger 

    Fladvad, Marit; Karlsson, Hampus (SINTEF;2022:01149, Research report, 2022)
    Denne rapporten oppsummerer en utredning av krav til anlegg for gående og syklende i vegnormal N200 Vegbygging. Prosjektet er gjennomført i form av et litteraturstudium. Utredninger av forenklet standard på anlegg for ...
  • The euBusinessGraph ontology: A lightweight ontology for harmonizing basic company information 

    Roman, Dumitru; Alexiev, Vladimir; Paniagua, Javier; Elvesæter, Brian; Zernichow, Bjørn Marius von; Soylu, Ahmet; Simeonov, Boyan; Taggart, Chris (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    Company data, ranging from basic company information such as company name(s) and incorporation date to complex balance sheets and personal data about directors and shareholders, are the foundation that many data value ...
  • Pretreatment patient-reported cognitive function in patients with diffuse glioma 

    Schei, Stine; Solheim, Ole; Salvesen, Øyvind; Hjermstad, Marianne Jensen; Bouget, David Nicolas Jean-Marie; Sagberg, Lisa Millgård (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    Purpose: Cognitive function is frequently assessed with objective neuropsychological tests, but patient-reported cognitive function is less explored. We aimed to investigate the preoperative prevalence of patient-reported ...
  • Mediastinal lymph nodes segmentation using 3D convolutional neural network ensembles and anatomical priors guiding 

    Bouget, David Nicolas Jean-Mar; Pedersen, André; Vanel, Johanna; Leira, Håkon Olav; Langø, Thomas (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    As lung cancer evolves, the presence of potentially malignant lymph nodes must be assessed to properly estimate disease progression and select the best treatment strategy. A method for accurate and automatic segmentation ...

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