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SINTEF [10129]
  • Utvikling av ulykkesmodeller for riks- og fylkesvegnettet i Norge (2016-2021) 

    Berget, Gunhild Elisabeth (SINTEF;2024:00497, Research report, 2024)
    Rapporten beskriver ulykkesmodeller basert på data for riks- og fylkesvegnettet fra Nasjonal Vegdatabank (NVDB) for perioden 2016-2021. Modellene beregner det normale antallet personskadeulykker, lettere skadde, hardt ...
  • Zero-Emission Rail in Czechia: Techno-economic analysis of lines R14, R21, R22, R25, R26, R27, SP14, U28 

    Zenith, Federico; Landmark, Andreas D.; Skeidsvoll, Line (SINTEF Rapport;2024:00230, Research report, 2024)
    This report analyses several representative regional, non-electrified rail lines in Czechia and evaluates different zero-emission technologies for their electrification: hydrogen, batteries, partial and full catenary. ...
  • SMARTFISH H2020 D6.1: Report from test and demonstration activities in Norwegian Sea and Barents Sea fisheries 

    Risjord, Øyvind; Øye, Elling Ruud; Kyllingstad, Lars Tandle (SINTEF Ocean rapporter;, Research report, 2022-12-15)
    The goal of SMARTFISH H2020 is to develop, test and promote a suite of high-tech systems for the EU fishing sector, thereby optimizing resource efficiency, improving automatic data collection for fish stock assessment, ...
  • Reporting of incidents in automated systems during drilling operations 

    Ottermo, Maria Vatshaug; Wille, Egil; Bjørkevoll, Knut Steinar; Bodsberg, Lars; Evjemo, Tor Erik; Fjørtoft, Kay Endre; Jaatun, Martin Gilje; Myklebust, Thor; Okstad, Eivind (SINTEF rapporter;2023:00191 A, Research report, 2023-02-06)
    This work is a preliminary study of how incidents, near misses and deviations within automated systems are currently detected, registered and, if appropriate, reported to the Petroleum Safety Authority Norway (PSA), as ...
  • Smartere transport – Møre og Romsdal: L3.1 Landbasert kontrollrom 

    Wennersberg, Lars Andreas Lien; Holte, Even Ambros (SINTEF Ocean rapporter;OC2022 A-047, Research report, 2022-10-17)
    Denne rapporten er utarbeidet på oppdrag for Møre og Romsdal fylkeskommune som del av prosjektet Smartere Transport – Møre og Romsdal. Hovedmålet har vært å utrede et felles kontrollromskonspet for prosjektets brukercase ...

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