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SINTEF [9939]
  • Innovative reheat approach of the TES system during the hotel’s standstill operation utilizing a CO2 heat pump/chiller unit 

    Elarga, Hagar Hassan Hassanein Hassan; Pardiñas, Ángel Á.; Minetto, Silvia; Hafner, Armin (Science et technique du froid;2023-4, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2023)
    The implementation of CO2 as a refrigerant is considered one of the solutions to improve the overall building’s energy performance, especially if the heat recovery concept is applied. In this paper, an innovative approach ...
  • From Industry 4.0 to Smolt 4.0 - Current Status, Industry Challenges and Directions for Optimized and Sustainable Production 

    Eilertsen, Espen; Haugaløkken, Bent O. A.; Føre, Martin; Aarsland Mulelid, Mats; Svendsen, Eirik; Magne Sunde, Leif; Kelasidi, Eleni (Preprint, 2023)
    The recent growth and development in salmon farming in Norway has led to a need for more robust and larger smolt/post-smolts. New and larger smolt production plants have been constructed to serve this need. However, these ...
  • MVDC MgB2 superconducting cables for hybrid power transmission 

    Bruzek, Christian-Eric; Spina, Tizana; Melaccio, Umberto; Tropeano, Matteo; Grasso, Gianni; Marian, Adela; Morandi, Antonio; Gomory, Fedor; Kováč, Pavol; Reiser, Wolfgang; Hole, Stephane; Combessis, Bruno; Lallouet, Nicolas; Sodiro, Bruno; Roudaut, Julien; Bouvier, Gregory; Magnusson, Niklas (Chapter, 2023)
    Combining liquid hydrogen and superconducting cables presents a unique opportunity for a more decarbonized world. The European project SCARLET has been launched to demonstrate inter alia the feasibility of an MVDC hybrid ...
  • Implementation of finite element analysis and hybrid IEC-models in online ampacity tool 

    Eberg, Espen; Hellesø, Svein Magne; Strand, Henrik; Engebrethsen, Marius; Østerberg, Dan; Espeland, Kåre; Jacobsen, Rune (Chapter, 2023)
    Current tools for ampacity calculations are based on analytical expressions, and empirical expressions for complex laying geometries that in practice cannot be solved analytically, formulated in the IEC standards. Non-standard ...
  • STEM-EDS of Inception Sites of Vented Trees in a HV XLPE Subsea Cable 

    Hårberg, Sofie Brandtzæg; Nylund, Inger-Emma; Einarsrud, Mari-Ann; Vullum, Per Erik; Lesaint, Cedric Michel; Hvidsten, Sverre (Chapter, 2023)
    High voltage XLPE cable cores have been subjected to wet ageing following the recommendations in CIGRE TB 722. The electrical ageing was performed at 500 Hz and 10 kV/mm. Vented water trees were detected initiating and ...

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