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SINTEF [6647]
  • A comparison between laser, scanning, photogrammetry and infrared scanning to create 3D digital models of existing concrete bridges 

    Popescu, Cosmin; Täljsten, Björn; Blanksvärd, Thomas; Elfgren, Lennart (Chapter, 2020)
    Routine bridge inspections usually consist of visual observations. These inspections are time-consuming and subjective. There is a need to identify new inspection techniques for infrastructure that reduce traffic disturbance, ...
  • Trafikksikkerhet for automatiserte kjøretøy - SmartFeeder: Erfaringer fra norske piloter med selvkjørende minibusser 

    Jenssen, Gunnar; Moen, Terje (SINTEF rapport;2020:00985, Research report, 2020)
    Vi presenterer her resultater fra fem norske pilotprosjekt i perioden 2018‐2020 med automatiserte minibusser. Deretter settes resultatene inn i en bredere kontekst med oppdatert kunnskap fra litteraturundersøkelser ...
  • ELPaaS: Event Log Privacy as a Service 

    Bauer, Martin; Fahrenkrog-Petersen, Stephan A.; Koschmider, Agnes; Mannhardt, Felix; van der Aa, Han; Weidlich, Matthias (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
    The privacy of an organization's workers represents a crucial concern in process mining settings, where data on an individual's performance is recorded and possibly shared for analysis. To enable users to appropriately ...
  • Tumor Targeting by αvβ3-Integrin-Specific Lipid Nanoparticles Occurs via Phagocyte Hitchhiking 

    Sofias, Alexandros Marios; Toner, Yohana C.; Meerwaldt, Anu E.; van Leent, Mandy M. T.; Soultanidis, Georgios; Elschot, Mattijs; Gonai, Haruki; Grendstad, Kristin; Flobak, Åsmund; Neckmann, Ulrike; Wolowczyk, Camilla; Fisher, Elizabeth L.; Reiner, Thomas; Davies, Catharina de Lange; Bjørkøy, Geir; Teunissen, Abraham J. P.; Ochando, Jordi; Pérez-Medina, Carlos; Mulder, Willem J. M.; Hak, Sjoerd (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Although the first nanomedicine was clinically approved more than two decades ago, nanoparticles’ (NP) in vivo behavior is complex and the immune system’s role in their application remains elusive. At present, only ...
  • The combined impact of stochastic and correlated activity durations and design uncertainty on project plans 

    Kaut, Michal; Vaagen, Hajnalka; Wallace, Stein William (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Most model based studies on project uncertainty investigate a single source of uncertainty, with a dominant focus on stochastic activity durations. However, another major uncertainty facing engineering projects is that of ...

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