• A novel bench size model coalescer: Dehydration efficiency of AC fields on water-in-crude-oil emulsions 

      Lesaint, Cedric Michel; Berg, Gunnar; Lundgaard, Lars Esben; Ese, Marit-Helen Glomm (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      We describe herein the design of a small AC electrostatic model coalescer for investigating coalescence efficiency of water in oil emulsions. The function of the model coalescer is tested on emulsions with different water ...
    • Comparison between synthetic ester and mineral oil impregnated transformer paper aging markers 

      Liland, Knut Brede; Linhjell, Dag; Lesaint, Cedric Michel; Ese, Marit-Helen Glomm; Lundgaard, Lars Esben; Mavrommatis, Pascal; Stjepanovic, Nenad Miroljub (Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Dielectric Liquids;, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      For transformers in service, aging markers from cellulose in oil such as furans, water, methanol and acids are measured for diagnostic purposes. The content of these indicators, measured in oil, may therefore vary with ...
    • Compatibility of liquid and solid insulation materials for high voltage subsea connectors 

      Lesaint, Cedric Michel; Hølto, Jorunn; Sæternes, Hans Helmer; Ese, Marit-Helen Glomm (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      The main objective of this study is to identify reliable insulation materials and systems for novel AC and DC subsea power connectors for oil and gas exploitation. A combined solid-liquid insulation system might be radically ...
    • Electrocoalescence III : staus and summary report from activities 

      Lundgaard, Lars Esben; Munkejord, Svend Tollak; Reboud, Jean-Luc; Lesaint, Cedric Michel; Ervik, Åsmund; Ese, Marit-Helen Glomm (SINTEF Energi. Rapport;, Research report, 2016)
    • Transformer Windings Ageing, diagnosis and asset management. Version 4 

      Lundgaard, Lars Esben; Liland, Knut Brede; Linhjell, Dag; Susa, Dejan; Ese, Marit-Helen; Selsbak, Cecilie Mørk; Kes, M; Lesaint, Cedric Michel (SINTEF Energi. Rapport;TR A7099, Research report, 2015)
      This report addresses state of the art in the field of transformer ageing and diagnostics, with emphasis on advising end-users on transformer asset management and on transformer specification. The basis is results from two ...