• Bioenergy and links to agriculture & LULUCF in a Nordic context 

      Wolfgang, Ove; Mathisen, Siri Gulaker; Khatiwada, Dilip; Nojpanya, Pavinee; Andersen, Kristoffer; Skreiberg, Øyvind; Sevillano, Ignacio; Magnanelli, Elisa; Molin, Elvira; Schmidt, Sarah; Hagström, Peter; Borgen, Signe Kyndig; Poulikidou, Sofia; Sandvall, Akram; Karlsson, Kenneth; Harahap, Fumi Maeda; Almeida, Catarina; Kapothanillath, Abhijith; Astrup, Rasmus Andreas (Research report, 2022)
    • Next frontiers in energy system modelling: A review on challenges and the state of the art 

      Fodstad, Marte; Crespo del Granado, Pedro; Hellemo, Lars; Knudsen, Brage Rugstad; Pisciella, Paolo; Silvast, Antti; Bordin, Chiara; Schmidt, Sarah; Straus, Julian (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Energy Systems Modelling is growing in relevance on providing insights and strategies to plan a carbon-neutral future. The implementation of an effective energy transition plan faces multiple challenges, spanning from the ...