• Fabrication of an array of silicon microscales for the monitoring of chemical processes 

      Lacolle, Matthieu Jean P; Johansen, Ib-Rune; Wang, Dag Thorstein; Moe, Sigurd T.; Sagberg, Håkon; Clausen, Sigmund; Karlsson, Arne; Akporiaye, Duncan (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      We present the fabrication and demonstration of a two-dimensional array of scales micromachined in silicon. Each scale consists of a platform suspended by a spring. The mass present on the platform of each scale is measured ...
    • Metallization scheme and release methods for fabrication of RF MEMS switches 

      Saha, Shimul Chandra; Sæther, Trond; Jensen, Geir uri; Poppe, Erik; Sagberg, Håkon (Chapter, 2007)
    • Optical MEMS filter for infrared gas detection 

      Bakke, Thor; Lacolle, Matthieu Jean P; Sagberg, Håkon; Johansen, Ib-Rune; Moe, Sigurd T. (Lecture, 2008)
      An optical filter is proposed, which can be adapted to infrared detection of various gases. The filter is based on a diffraction grating structured on a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) which can be switched between ...
    • Tunable lowpass filter with RF MEMS capacitance and transmission line 

      Saha, Shimul Chandra; Hanke, Ulrik; Sagberg, Håkon; Fjeldly, Tor A; Sæther, Trond (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2012)
      We have presented an RF MEMS tuneable lowpass filter. Both distributed transmission lines and RF MEMS capacitances were used to replace the lumped elements. The use of RF MEMS capacitances gives the flexibility of tuning ...
    • Two-state Optical Filter Based on Micromechanical Diffractive Elements 

      Sagberg, Håkon; Bakke, Thor; Johansen, Ib-Rune; Lacolle, Matthieu Jean P; Moe, Sigurd T. (Chapter, 2007)
      We have designed a robust two-state filter for infrared gas measurement, where the filter transmittance alternates between a single bandpass function, and a double-band offset reference. The device consists of fixed and ...