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    • Tabular Data Anomaly Patterns 

      Sukhobok, Dina; Nikolov, Nikolay; Roman, Dumitru (Chapter, 2017)
      One essential and challenging task in data science is data cleaning - the process of identifying and eliminating data anomalies. Different data types, data domains, data acquisition methods, and final purposes of data ...
    • Tactical and Operational Issues in a Hybrid MTO-MTS Production Environment: The Case of Food Production 

      Romsdal, Anita; Arica, Emrah; Strandhagen, Jan Ola; Dreyer, Heidi Carin (Chapter, 2013)
      Hybrid production environments that combine MTO and MTS strategies have emerged to enable production systems to better respond to changes in consumer and market demand. This paper discusses some of the tactical and operational ...
    • Tailoring Upconversion and Morphology of Yb/Eu Doped Y2O3 Nanostructures by Acid Composition Mediation 

      Nunes, Daniela; Pimentel, Ana; Matias, Mariana; Freire, Tomas; Araujo, A; Silva, Filipe; Gaspar, Patricia; Garcia, Silvia; Almeida Carvalho, Patricia; Fortunato, Elvira; Martins, Rodrigo (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      The present study reports the production of upconverter nanostructures composed by a yttrium oxide host matrix co-doped with ytterbium and europium, i.e., Y2O3:Yb3+/Eu3+. These nanostructures were formed through the ...
    • Takstsystemet for poliklinisk radiologi. Forslag til løsning for 2004 

      Rønningen, Lars (SINTEF Rapport;A2469, Research report, 2005)
      STF78 A055803 SINTEF Helse Pasientklassifisering og finansiering fikk høsten 2003 forespørsel om å utarbeide et forslag til ny versjon av takstsystemet for poliklinisk radiologi for 2004 (LabTakst 2004). Denne skulle ...
    • Taming a globalized industry–Forces and counter forces influencing maritime safety 

      Almklov, Petter Grytten; Lamvik, Gunnar Martin (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      This paper analyzes changes in how regulatory authorities and actors within the industry navigate new challenges and new opportunities presented by globalization. Maritime transport has been one of the drivers of globalization ...
    • Task-Technology Fit in Manufacturing: Examining Human-Machine Symbiosis Through a Configurational Approach 

      Mikalef, Patrick; Torvatn, Hans Yngvar; Arica, Emrah (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      With the last few years seeing an increased introduction of technological innovations in factories, one of the most pressing issues is how these technologies can be deployed to optimally support the activities of professionals ...
    • Tasks, information models and visual prototypes for local leaders at the TYR training exercise 

      Nilsson, Erik Gösta (Research report, 2010)
      In this report we look into tasks for the local leader in the police at the TYR exercise, and describe both the tasks and the information involved when performing them. The identification of tasks and the further analysis ...
    • TASS5 for Trondheim 

      Meland, Solveig; Skjetne, Eirik; Tørset, Trude; Malmin, Olav Kåre (SINTEF rapport;A05100, Research report, 2006)
      Denne rapporten inneholder dokumentasjon av TASS versjon 5 for Trondheim. Den nye versjonen av modellen representerer en oppgradering av tidligere transportmodell, TASS versjon 4. Endringen består i at vesentlige deler av ...
    • Tåler byggene mer regn nå? 

      Nygård, Ragnhild Lokna (Journal article, 2020)
      Fuktinntrengning i bygg har alltid vært en utfordring i Norge. Med hyppigere og mer intens nedbør i vente blir det viktigere enn noen gang å bygge med tanke på det norske klimaet.
    • Team Autonomy in Large-Scale Agile 

      Moe, Nils Brede; Dahl, Bjørn Haug; Stray, Viktoria; Karlsen, Lina Sund; Schjødt-Osmo, Stine (Proceeding of the 52nd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2019);, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Large-scale software development is increasingly making use of agile practices. In large-scale projects, a team needs to align with other teams and the rest of the organization. This has been shown to threaten team autonomy, ...
    • Team Performance in Software Development: Research Results versus Agile Principles 

      Dingsøyr, Torgeir; Fægri, Tor Erlend; Dybå, Tore; Haugset, Børge; Lindsjørn, Yngve (Journal article, 2016)
    • Teamwork Quality and Project Success in Software Development: A Survey of Agile Development Teams 

      Lindsjørn, Yngve; Sjøberg, Dag; Dingsøyr, Torgeir; Bergersen, Gunnar R.; Dybå, Tore (Journal article, 2016)
      Small, self-directed teams are central in agile development. This article investigates the effect of team- work quality on team performance, learning and work satisfaction in agile software teams, and whether this effect ...
    • Teamwork Quality and Team Performance: Exploring Differences Between Small and Large Agile Projects 

      Lindsjørn, Yngve; Bergersen, Gunnar R.; Dingsøyr, Torgeir; Sjøberg, Dag (Chapter, 2018)
      Agile principles were originally developed for small projects but are now widely used in larger projects with hundreds of developers. Teamwork quality is essential in any development work, but how does teamwork quality ...
    • Technical and environmental viability of a European CO2 EOR system 

      Thorne, Rebecca Jayne; Sundseth, Kyrre; Bouman, Evert; Czarnowska, Lucyna; Mathisen, Anette; Skagestad, Ragnhild; Stanek, Wojciech; Pacyna, Jozef M; Pacyna, Elisabeth G (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      Captured CO2 from large industrial emitters may be used for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), but as of yet there are no European large-scale EOR systems. Recent implementation decisions for a Norwegian carbon capture and storage ...
    • Technical Support Agreement for LAV TUA 

      Helle, Espen; Johansen, Gorm Idar; Mathisen, Geir (Research report, 2010)
      This report describes the work carried out in the period January 2009 – February 2010 by SINTEF under the maintenance contract with NAMSA. Oppdragsgiver: NAMSA
    • Techniques for airflow measurements to determine the real efficiency of heat recovery in ventilation systems 

      Rønneseth, Øystein; Liu, Peng; Alonso, Maria Justo; Mathisen, Hans Martin (Conference object; Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Heat recovery in ventilation is essential to reduce energy use and thus mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from the building sector. Heat recovery efficiency of at least 80% in new buildings is required according to Norwegian ...
    • Techno-economic analysis of freight railway electrification by overhead line, hydrogen and batteries: Case studies in Norway and USA 

      Zenith, Federico; Isaac, Raphael; Hoffrichter, Andreas; Thomassen, Magnus; Møller-Holst, Steffen (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Two non-electrified railway lines, one in Norway and the other in the USA, are analysed for their potential to be electrified with overhead line equipment, batteries, hydrogen or hydrogen-battery hybrid powertrains. The ...
    • Techno-economic assessment of chemical looping reforming of natural gas for hydrogen production and power generation with integrated CO2 capture 

      Nazir, Shareq Mohd; Francisco Morgado, Joana; Bolland, Olav; Quinta-Ferreira, Rosa; Amini, Shahriar (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2018)
      The current study presents the techno-economic analysis of the CLR-CC process. The CLR-CC process comprises of chemical looping reforming (CLR) of Natural Gas, water gas shift, CO2 capture and compression, and combined ...
    • Technologies enabling 3D stacking of MEMS 

      Taklo, Maaike Margrete Visser; Mielnik, Michal Marek; Schjølberg-Henriksen, Kari; Storås, Preben; Tofteberg, Hannah Rosquist; Lietaer, Nicolas; Johannessen, Rolf (Chapter, 2010)
    • Technology Research Explained 

      Solheim, Ida; Stølen, Ketil (Research report, 2007)
      The purpose of this report is to contribute to a better understanding of technology research and the way to conduct it. The report pinpoints similarities and dissimilarities between classical research and technology research, ...