• CINELDI Annual Report 2020 

      Kjølle, Gerd Hovin (SINTEF Rapport;, Report, 2021)
    • Towards improved guidelines for cost evaluation of carbon capture and storage - a white paper 

      Roussanaly, Simon; Rubin, Edward S.; Van Der Spek, Mijndert W; Booras, George; Berghout, Niels; Fout, Tim; Garcia, Monica; Gardarsdottir, Stefania Osk; Kuncheekanna, Vishalini Nair; Matuszewski, Michael; McCoy, Sean; Morgen, Joshua; Nazir, Shareq Mohd; Ramirez, Andrea (Report, 2021)
      This white paper presents a new set of guidelines developed to address important carbon capture and storage (CCS) cost issues in three areas. The first area of study tackles the establishment of improved guidelines for ...