• Cabazitaxel-loaded Poly(2-ethylbutyl cyanoacrylate) nanoparticles improve treatment efficacy in a patient derived breast cancer xenograft. 

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    • Delivering the power of nanomedicine to patients today 

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      The situation of the COVID-19 pandemic reminds us that we permanently need high-value flexible solutions to urgent clinical needs including simplified diagnostic technologies suitable for use in the field and for delivering ...
    • Multi-modal characterization of vasculature and nanoparticle accumulation in five tumor xenograft models 

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      Preclinical research has demonstrated that nanoparticles and macromolecules can accumulate in solid tumors due to the enhanced permeability and retention effect. However, drug loaded nanoparticles often fail to show increased ...
    • Ultrasound-mediated delivery enhances therapeutic efficacy of MMP sensitive liposomes 

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      To improve therapeutic efficacy of nanocarrier drug delivery systems, it is essential to improve their uptake and penetration in tumour tissue, enhance cellular uptake and ensure efficient drug release at the tumour site. ...