• Can Holistic Optimization Improve Airport Air Traffic Management Performance 

      Karahasanovic, Amela; Zeh, Theodor; Eide, Aslak Wegner; Schittekat, Patrick; Swendgaard, Hans; Bakhrankova, Krystsina; Grantz, Volker; Kjenstad, Dag; Mannino, Carlo; Rokitansky, Carl-Herbert; Gräupl, Thomas (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Air transportation is an important factor in the economic growth of the European Union; however, the current system is already approaching its capacity and cost limits, and therefore needs to be reformed to meet the demands ...
    • Zero Failure Management at Maximum Productivity in Safety Critical Control Room 

      Karahasanovic, Amela; Andersen, Bjørn; Hansson, Lisbeth; Langlo, Jan Alexander; Swengaard, Hans Erik; Zeh, Theodor; Grantz, Volker; Rubenser, Robert (Lecture, 2011)