• Cascading Norwegian co-streams for bioeconomic transition 

      Egelyng, H; Romsdal, Anita; Hansen, H.O.; Slizyte, Rasa; Carvajal, Ana Karina; Jouvenot, Laura; Hebrok, Marie; Honkapää, Kaisu; Wold, Jens Petter; Seljåsen, Randi; Aursand, Marit (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018-01-20)
      A circular bioeconomy has become a global aspiration for governments in Europe and around the globe. This article pursues research questions concerning concrete innovations aiming to create bioeconomic transition options ...
    • Lønnsom foredling av sjømat i Norge 

      Digre, Hanne; Bar, Eirin Marie Skjøndal; Mathiassen, John Reidar Bartle; Standal, Dag; Grimsmo, Leif; Henriksen, Kristian; Romsdal, Anita; Asche, Frank (SINTEF Fiskeri og havbruk reports;A26355, Research report, 2014)
      SINTEF Fiskeri og havbruk har sammen med professor Frank Asche foretatt en analyse av norsk sjømatindustris muligheter til lønnsom foredling av sjømat i Norge. Analysen omfatter vurderinger knyttet til: • Dagens situasjon ...
    • Supply chain control principles in local food production: a Norwegian case study 

      Dreyer, Heidi Carin; Strandhagen, Jan Ola; Thomassen, Maria Kristina Kollberg; Romsdal, Anita; Gran, Erik (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2014)
      Based on an analysis of the supply chain of four producers of local specialty foods, we explore how planning and control principles can be applied to align supply chain capabilities and market requirements. It has been ...
    • Sustainable Food Supply Chains: Towards a Framework for Waste Identification 

      Chabada, Lukas; Dreyer, Heidi; Romsdal, Anita; Powell, Daryl (Chapter, 2013)
    • Tactical and Operational Issues in a Hybrid MTO-MTS Production Environment: The Case of Food Production 

      Romsdal, Anita; Arica, Emrah; Strandhagen, Jan Ola; Dreyer, Heidi Carin (Chapter, 2013)
      Hybrid production environments that combine MTO and MTS strategies have emerged to enable production systems to better respond to changes in consumer and market demand. This paper discusses some of the tactical and operational ...