• Cost Optimal Retrofitting Of Shopping Malls In Europe 

      Haase, Matthias; Lolli, Nicola; Skeie, Kristian Stenerud; Noris, Federico (Conference object; Peer reviewed, 2015)
      The aim of this study was to assess the possible retrofitting actions with a cost-optimal vision for shopping mall managers. Cost optimization was analysed with state-of-the-art evaluation tools, taking initial, operational ...
    • Interaction with local energy grid 

      Antolin, Javier; Quijano, Ana; Samaniego, Jesus; Bujedo, Luis Ángel; Noris, Federico; Haase, Matthias; Skeie, Kristian; Newborough, Marcus; Green, Ben (CommONEnergy;, Research report, 2015)
    • Shopping malls features in EU-28 + Norway 

      Bointner, Raphael; Toleikyte, Agne; Woods, Ruth; Atanasiu, Bogdan; De Ferrari, Antonio; Farinea, Chiara; Noris, Federico (CommONEnergy;D2.1, Research report, 2014)
      The European wholesale and retail sector is the big marketplace of Europe, contributing with around 11% of the EU's GDP. Therefore, sustainability of the retail sector may significantly contribute to reaching the long - ...