• Benchmarking Hydro Operation by Use of a Simulator 

      Mo, Birger; Martino, Sara; Naversen, Christian Øyn; Aronsen, Gunnar; Rismark, Ole (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2019)
    • Continuous Hydrothermal Flexibility Coordination Under Wind Power Uncertainty 

      Naversen, Christian Øyn; Parvania, Masood; Helseth, Arild; Farahmand, Hossein (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      This paper develops a stochastic continuous-time optimization model for coordinating the operation of flexibility in a hybrid hydro-thermal-wind power system. The developed model gives insight for investigating the short-term ...
    • Fundamental Multi-Product Price Forecasting in Power Markets 

      Jaehnert, Stefan; Helseth, Arild; Naversen, Christian Øyn (SINTEF Rapport;, Research report, 2019)
    • Hydrothermal scheduling in the continuous-time framework 

      Naversen, Christian Øyn; Helseth, Arild; Li, Bosong; Parvania, Masood; Farahmand, Hossein; Catalao, João P.S. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Continuous-time optimization models have successfully been used to capture the impact of ramping limitations in power systems. In this paper, the continuous-time framework is adapted to model flexible hydropower resources ...
    • Multi-Market Price Forecasting in Hydro-Thermal Power Systems 

      Helseth, Arild; Haugen, Mari; Jaehnert, Stefan; Mo, Birger; Farahmand, Hossein; Naversen, Christian Øyn (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      This paper presents a framework for price forecasting in hydro-thermal power systems. The framework consists of a long-term strategic and a short-term operational model. The strategic model provides the end-of-horizon ...
    • Operating a Battery in a Hydropower-Dominated System to Balance Net Load Deviations 

      Naversen, Christian Øyn; Bjarghov, Sigurd; Helseth, Arild (International Conference on the European Energy Market;2019, Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Decreasing costs of battery storage technologies make them a viable option for providing flexibility in power systems. In this paper, we study the operations of a battery in combination with cascaded hydropower in a system ...
    • Optimizing day-ahead bid curves in hydropower production 

      Aasgård, Ellen Krohn; Naversen, Christian Øyn; Fodstad, Marte; Skjelbred, Hans Ivar (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      In deregulated electricity markets, hydropower producers must bid their production into the day-ahead market. For price-taking producers, it is optimal to offer energy according to marginal costs, which for hydropower are ...