• Bioeconomic Clusters—Background, Emergence, Localization and Modelling 

      Valdes, Gerardo Alfredo Perez; Nørstebø, Vibeke Stærkebye; Ellingsen, May-Britt; Teräs, Jukka; Werner, Adrian (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2019)
      Industrial Clusters, especially those based on biologically sourced materials and their derivative products, can play an important role in the global shift to more sustainable production methods and ecological economic ...
    • GAFT - Economic viability assessment 

      Flatberg, Truls; Nørstebø, Vibeke Stærkebye (SINTEF Rapport;2387-4295, Research report, 2019)
    • Identifying Suitable Bioeconomic Cluster Sites—Combining GIS-MCDA and Operational Research Methods 

      Nørstebø, Vibeke Stærkebye; Krøgli, Svein Olav; Debella-Gilo, Misganu; Valdes, Gerardo Alfredo Perez; Uggen, Kristin Tolstad; Dramstad, Wenche (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      A transition to a bioeconomy implies an increased focus on efficient and sustainable use of biological resources. A common, but often neglected feature of these resources is their location dependence. To optimize their ...
    • Offshore Wind: Employment and value creation of EPCI exports in Norway 

      Rocha Aponte, Fabian; Andersen, Tina; Nørstebø, Vibeke Stærkebye; Uggen, Kristin Tolstad; Bjelle, Eivind Lekve; Wiebe, Kirsten Svenja (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      The objective of this study is to investigate the value creation potential and the employment effects for the offshore wind engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) sector in Norway up to 2030 considering ...
    • Optimizing the Wood Value Chain in Northern Norway Taking Into Account National and Regional Economic Trade-Offs 

      Johansen, Ulf; Werner, Adrian; Nørstebø, Vibeke Stærkebye (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      As a consequence of past decades of extensive afforestation in Norway, mature forest volumes are increasing. National forestry politics call for sustainable and efficient resource usage and for increased regional processing. ...
    • Studie av potensialet for verdiskaping og sysselsetting av sirkulærøkonomiske tiltak.Utvalgte tiltak og case. 

      Nørstebø, Vibeke Stærkebye; Wiebe, Kirsten Svenja; Andersen, Tina; Grytli, Tuva; Johansen, Ulf; Rocha Aponte, Fabian; Perez-Valdes, Gerardo Alfredo; Jahren, Susie (SINTEF Rapport;, Research report, 2020)
      Sirkulærøkonomi handler om å utnytte ressursene våre best mulig. Det sikrer bærekraft og verdiskaping på både kort og lang sikt. Sirkulærøkonomien prøver å lukke materialsløyfene for å hindre at mulige ressurser går tapt. ...