• A Robotic Concept for Remote Inspection and Maintenance on Oil Platforms 

      Kyrkjebø, Erik; Liljebäck, Pål; Transeth, Aksel Andreas (Chapter, 2009)
      This paper will present a novel concept for remote inspection and maintenance operations on next generation partly unmanned offshore oil platforms. The concept is presented throughthe design of a robotic lab facility for ...
    • Body Shape and Orientation Control for Locomotion of Biologically-Inspired Snake Robots 

      Rezapour, Ehsan; Pettersen, Kristin Ytterstad; Gravdahl, Jan Tommy; Liljebäck, Pål (Chapter, 2014)
      This paper considers guidance-based motion control of planar snake robots using a dynamic feedback control law. We first present the Euler-Lagrange equations of motion of the robot. Subsequently, we introduce a dynamic ...
    • Path Following, Obstacle Detection and Obstacle Avoidance for Thrusted Underwater Snake Robots 

      Kelasidi, Eleni; Moe, Signe; Pettersen, Kristin Ytterstad; Kohl, Anna M; Liljebäck, Pål; Gravdahl, Jan Tommy (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2019)
      The use of unmanned underwater vehicles is steadily increasing for a variety of applications such as mapping, monitoring, inspection and intervention within several research fields and industries, e.g., oceanography, marine ...
    • Perception-Driven Obstacle-Aided Locomotion for Snake Robots: The State of the Art, Challenges and Possibilities 

      Sanfilippo, Filippo; Azpiazu, Jon; Marafioti, Giancarlo; Transeth, Aksel Andreas; Stavdahl, Øyvind; Liljebäck, Pål (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      In nature, snakes can gracefully traverse a wide range of different and complex environments. Snake robots that can mimic this behaviour could be fitted with sensors and transport tools to hazardous or confined areas that ...
    • Reduced head steadiness in whiplash compared with non-traumatic neck pain 

      Woodhouse, Astrid; Liljebäck, Pål; Vasseljen, Ottar (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2010)
    • Serpentine Robots for Planetary Exploration (SERPEX) 

      Liljebäck, Pål; Transeth, Aksel Andreas; Fossum, Knut (SINTEF Rapport;, Research report, 2014)
      Snake robots have a strong inherent potential to move and operate robustly in challenging environments where more conventional wheeled and tracked mobile robots may fail. Such abilities are important for planetary exploration. ...
    • Snake Robots - From Biology to Nonlinear Control 

      Pettersen, Kristin Ytterstad; Liljebäck, Pål; Stavdahl, Øyvind; Gravdahl, Jan Tommy (Journal article, 2013)
      Inspired by the motion of biological snakes, this paper presents an overview of recent results in modelling and control of snake robots. The objective of the research underlying this paper is to contribute to the mathematical ...