• An Electromechanical Model of the TotalControl Reference Wind Power Plant 

      Merz, Karl Otto; Kölle, Konstanze; Holdyk, Andrzej (SINTEF Rapport;, Research report, 2019)
      An electromechanical model of the TotalControl Reference Wind Power Plant has been built. This is based on SINTEF's STAS software, for the system dynamics and control of wind power plants. An overview is given of the theory ...
    • D2.3 Recommendations for certification and standardisation of Wind Farm Control Deliverable D2.3 - FarmConners 

      Manjock, Andreas; Canet, Helena; Campagnolo, Filippo; Bossanyi, Ervin; Bayo, Ricard Tomàs; Duc, Thomas; Vrana, Til Kristian; Nwobu, John; Kölle, Konstanze; Freundreich, Kai (Research report, 2022)
    • Expert Elicitation on Wind Farm Control 

      van Wingerden, Jan Willem; Fleming, Paul A.; Göcmen, Tuhfe; Eguinoa, Irene; Doekemeijer, Bart; Dykes, Katherine; Lawson, Michael; Simely, Eric; King, Jennifer; Astrain, David; Iribas-Latour, Mikel; Bottasso, Carlo; Meyers, Johan; Raach, Steffen; Kölle, Konstanze; Giebel, Gregor (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Wind farm control is an active and growing field of research in which the control actions of individual turbines in a farm are coordinated, accounting for inter-turbine aerodynamic interaction, to improve the overall ...
    • A hierarchical supervisory wind power plant controller 

      Merz, Karl Otto; Chabaud, Valentin Bruno; Garcia-Rosa, Paula; Kölle, Konstanze (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
    • A Hierarchical Wind Power Plant Supervisory Controller 

      Merz, Karl Otto; Kölle, Konstanze; Garcia Rosa, Paula Bastos; Chabaud, Valentin Bruno (SINTEF Rapport;, Research report, 2020)
    • Launch of the FarmConners Wind Farm Control benchmark for code comparison 

      Göcmen, Tuhfe; Kölle, Konstanze; Andersen, Søren Juhl; Eguinoa, Irene; Duc, Thomas; Campagnolo, Filippo; Iribas-Latour, Mikel; Astrain, David; Bottasso, Carlo; Meyers, Johan; van Wingerden, Jan Willem; Giebel, Gregor (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Careful validation of the modelling and control actions is of vital importance to build confidence in the value of coordinated wind farm control (WFC). The efficiency of flow models applied to WFC should be evaluated to ...
    • Towards integrated wind farm control: Interfacing farm flow and power plant controls 

      Kölle, Konstanze; Göcmen, Tuhfe; Garcia Rosa, Paula Bastos; Petrovic, Vlaho; Eguinoa, Irene; Vrana, Til Kristian; Long, Qian; Pettas, Vasilis; Anand, Abhinav; Bartlas, Thanasis K.; Cutululis, Nicolaos A.; Manjock, Andreas; Tande, John Olav Giæver; Ruisi, Renzo; Bossanyi, Ervin (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Concepts for control of wind farms (WFs) can be clustered into two distinct concepts, namely, wind power plant control (WPPC) and wind farm flow control (WFFC). WPPC is concerned with the connection to the power system, ...