• C-E (curtailment – Energy share) map: An objective and quantitative measure to evaluate wind and solar curtailment 

      Yasuda, Yoh; Bird, Lori; Carlini, Enrico; Eriksen, Peter Børre; Estanqueiro, Ana; Flynn, Damian; Fraile, Daniel; Gomez Lazaro, Emilio; Martín-Martínez, Sergio; Hayashi, Daisuke; Holttinen, Hannele; Lew, Debra; McCam, John; Menemenlis, Nickie; Miranda, Raul; Orths, Antje; Smith, J. Charles; Taibi, Emanuele; Vrana, Til Kristian (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      As the share of VRE (variable renewable energy) has grown rapidly, curtailment issues have arisen worldwide. This paper evaluates and compares curtailment situations in selected countries using an objective and quantitative ...
    • Recommendations for Wind and Solar Integration Studies 

      Holttinen, Hannele; Kiviluoma, Juha; Flynn, D.; Dillon, J.; Mather, B.; Hodge, Bri-Mathias; Vrana, Til Kristian; Söder, Lennart; Ogimoto, Kazuhiko; Neau, Emmanuel; Cutululis, Nicolaos Antonio; Kraiczy, Markus; Carlini, Enrico Maria; Smith, J.C. (Conference object, 2017)
    • System impact studies for near 100% renewable energy systems dominated by inverter based variable generation 

      Holttinen, Hannele; Kiviluoma, Juha; Flynn, Damian; Smith, Charles; Orths, Antje; Eriksen, Peter Børre; Cutululis, Nicolaos Antonio; Söder, Lennart; Korpås, Magnus; Estanqueiro, Ana; MacDowell, Jason; Tuohy, Aidan; Vrana, Til Kristian; O'Malley, Mark (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      The demand for low carbon energy calls for close to 100% renewable power systems, with decarbonization of other energy sectors adding to the anticipated paradigm shift. Rising levels of variable inverter-based renewable ...