• Hierarchical control and emulation of a wave energy hyperbaricconverter 

      Machado, Isaac R.; Garcia Rosa, Paula Bastos; Watanabe, E. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Wave energy emulators provide an option to extend studies of wave energy converters (WECs) in an electric power laboratory facility and to evaluate the performance of controllers in an experimental set-up. In addition, the ...
    • A Hierarchical Wind Power Plant Supervisory Controller 

      Merz, Karl Otto; Kölle, Konstanze; Garcia Rosa, Paula Bastos; Chabaud, Valentin Bruno (SINTEF Rapport;, Research report, 2020)
    • Placement of virtual inertia from HVDC terminals based on a frequency deviation index 

      Garcia Rosa, Paula Bastos; D'Arco, Salvatore; Suul, Jon Are Wold (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2021)
      This paper presents an approach for assessing the most suitable locations to provide virtual inertia by HVDC converters. A frequency deviation index quantifying the maximum distance in Hz from each bus in the power system ...
    • Switching sequences for non-predictive declutching control of wave energy converters 

      Garcia Rosa, Paula Bastos; Fosso, Olav B; Molinas Cabrera, Maria Marta (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      Aiming at improving the energy absorption from waves, a number of studies have considered declutching control - a phase-control method that consists of disengaging the power take-off (PTO) system from the oscillating body ...
    • Towards integrated wind farm control: Interfacing farm flow and power plant controls 

      Kölle, Konstanze; Göcmen, Tuhfe; Garcia Rosa, Paula Bastos; Petrovic, Vlaho; Eguinoa, Irene; Vrana, Til Kristian; Long, Qian; Pettas, Vasilis; Anand, Abhinav; Bartlas, Thanasis K.; Cutululis, Nicolaos A.; Manjock, Andreas; Tande, John Olav Giæver; Ruisi, Renzo; Bossanyi, Ervin (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Concepts for control of wind farms (WFs) can be clustered into two distinct concepts, namely, wind power plant control (WPPC) and wind farm flow control (WFFC). WPPC is concerned with the connection to the power system, ...
    • A wave-to-wire model for grid integration studies of oscillating-body wave energy converters 

      Garcia Rosa, Paula Bastos; Torres Olguin, Raymundo E.; Cruz, João; D'Arco, Salvatore (Chapter; Peer reviewed, 2022)
      Wave energy converters (WECs) are still at an earlier stage of development when compared to variable renewable energy systems based on wind or solar power. Indeed, only a few WECs have exported power to electric grids until ...