• Hands-free sample preparation platform for nucleic acid analysis 

      Baier, Tobias; Hansen-Hagge, Thomas; Gransee, Rainer; Crombe, A.; Schmahl, S.; Paulus, C.; Drese, K.S.; Keegan, H.; Martin, C.; O'Leary, J. J.; Furuberg, Liv; Solli, L.; Grønn, P.; Falang, I.; Karlgård, Aina; Gulliksen, Anja; Karlsen, F (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2009)
      A Lab-On-Chip system with an instrument is presented which is capable of performing total sample preparation and automated extraction of nucleic acid from human cell samples fixed in a methanol based solution. The target ...
    • In-vitro diagnostic platforms of the future; technological possibilities and challenges 

      Furuberg, Liv; Borch, Morten (Chapter, 2009)
      Micro- and nanotechnologies are utilized in the new generation of diagnostic platforms for in vitro analyses. Complex analyses that need a sequence of manual or instrumental process steps in the laboratories can be automated ...
    • microBUILDER D7.14 Final Activity Report 

      Furuberg, Liv (Research report, 2009)
      The microBUILDER consortium has established a flexible manufacturing service for polymer-based and silicon-based microsystems. The technologies and their applications are described in a master design handbook and training ...
    • Microfluidic chip based detection of cervical cancer 

      Furuberg, Liv; Mielnik, Michal Marek; Johansen, Ib-Rune; Borch, Morten; Stenstad, Per Martin (Lecture, 2009)