• Backtesting coordinated hydropower bidding using neural network forecasting 

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    • Evaluating a stochastic-programming-based bidding model for a multireservoir system 

      Aasgård, Ellen; Andersen, Gørild; Fleten, Stein-Erik; Haugstvedt, Daniel (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2014)
      Hydropower producers need to schedule when to release water from reservoirs and participate in wholesale electricity markets where the day-ahead production is physically traded. A mixed-integer linear stochastic model for ...
    • Hydropower Bidding in a Multi-Market Setting 

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      We present a literature survey and research gap analysis of mathematical and statistical methods used in the context of optimizing bids in electricity markets. Particularly, we are interested in methods for hydropower ...
    • The Portfolio Perspective in Electricity Generation and Market Operations 

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      Selecting portfolios of electricity production assets, energy sources and market participation strategies facilitates usage and management of complementary resources. It helps also power producers to address uncertainties ...