• Aluminium Filtration by Bonded Particle Filters 

      Kvithyld, Anne; Syvertsen, Martin; Bao, Sarina; Eriksen, Ulrik Aalborg; Johansen, Inge; Gundersen, Eilif; Akhtar, Shahid; Haugen, Terje; Gihleengen, Britt Elin (The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series;2367-1181, Chapter, 2019)
      Non-metallic inclusions such as oxides, borides and carbides in aluminium melts are a major cause of product failure during both processing and use. To remove these inclusions, molten aluminium is usually filtered through ...
    • Characterization of inclusion content in mechanical aluminium filters 

      Eriksen, Ulrik Aalborg; Johansen, Inge; Syvertsen, Martin; Kvithyld, Anne; Bao, Sarina (SINTEF Rapport;2387-4295, Research report, 2019)